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New: Sponsorship Opportunity with Rising Golf Pro, Daniel Gurtner

Introducing Daniel Gurtner: Elevate Your Brand with a Rising Golf Star
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Discover a unique sponsorship opportunity with Daniel Gurtner, a 28-year-old Swiss-Guatemalan professional golfer on the brink of international success. With a strong background in NCAA Division 1 golf and a track record including a 3rd place finish in the 2018 Latin American Amateur Championship, Daniel invites you to join him on his journey to the top.

As Daniel gears up for the 2024 season, he seeks a dynamic partnership to represent your brand exclusively at tournaments and provide a wide range of promotional opportunities. Having excelled on the Alps Tour and European Challenge Tour, Daniel brings a winning spirit to both the golf course and academia, pursuing a Master's degree in Banking and Finance.

Your sponsorship will not only support Daniel's pursuit of joining the DP World Tour but also align your brand with a talented, driven athlete. Explore this exciting collaboration and be part of Daniel's compelling story in professional golf.  

Call to discuss or write at : hit@golfschool.ch

Thierry Rombaldi
PGA Teaching Pro, Class „AA“ Member
Feldhofstrasse 11
8600 Dübendorf / (Zürich) 

CALL NOW:    +41 (0)79 666 01 63


TOP NEWS:  (22.02.2024)
Daniel Gurtner, 2nd winner of the GOLF WINTER TOUR (2nd Swing #3 Winter Tour) during the Marbella Golf Series 2024. ( Read more on PDF


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